EREN provides solar solutions for medium & large energy consumers in Brazil


EREN is an Independent Power Producer

Based in Paris, with development in more than 15 countries, the Group was founded in 2012 by Paris Mouratoglou& David Corchiat, former shareholders and main executives of EDF EN (renewable branch of EDF) with a capital of 600 million euros to develop and invest in Renewable Energy Projects all over the world.

EREN Brazil is the Brazilian branch of the Group that has been developing a portfolio of distributed Solar Energy Projects since 2013.


Solar energy in Brazil

EREN Brazil aims at bringing solar solutions for large-scale energy consumers. We structure, finance, build and operate Solar Plants.


Pure Renewable Energy Player

As EREN structures, finances and operates the Power Plant, the client takes no construction or operational risks. Our clients only rent the Solar Plant and benefit from free energy, coming from the plant transference in the final contract.

  • IPP

    EREN is an Independent Power Producer.

    • We ‘ve been long- term partners ,which results in flexibility in the contractual relationship and long -term viability of operations.
    • We invest our own capital in projects, which enables us to move quickly.
  • Excellence

    • EREN Brazil Business Model is based on long- term return from the developed assets. As a result, we take the highest care in Power Plant design, material selection, and excellence of operations.
    • Consumers who go on with the Solar Plant after the asset transfer will, then, benefit from the best possible Solar Power Plant design.

    • Due to its large number of operations, EREN Brazil is able to provide the most economical solutions, reducing both capital and operational expenditures.

    • EREN Brazil will structure, invest in, and build the projects letting the client free from investment.
    • EREN Brazil will fully operate the Power Plant during the period of the contract, exempting the client from any operational risk.

    • EREN’s management team have developed and invested in 9GW of Wind Power Plant and 1GW of Solar Power Plant at SIIF/EDF EN, companies created by the same EREN founders.
    • Since 2012, the year of the company foundation, 400 MW of mainly Solar Projects have been developed/built by EREN, and 1500 MW are under development around the world.